ANTI CELLULITE MASSAGER MITT BRUSH + ROLLER SET. Home Celulitis Reducing & Reduction Treatment For Legs, Thighs & Arms - #1 Body Brush Machine Or Fascia Blaster + Works Great With Cellulite Cream

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Manufacturer Description

Full cellulite massage treatment from the comfort of your home!
Kill cellulite and improve muscular health with our cellulite roller. Thanks to its specially designed bumps, the New Body Essentials cellulite roller manipulates soft tissue like a massage therapist. While fighting cellulite, it stretches muscle and other soft tissues in multiple directions, breaking down "knots" and and increasing your flexibility too!

Tired of looking down and wondering how your thighs are looking today? Wishing you didn't have to worry that your butt isn't looking as tight and taut as you'd like?
You're not alone. Cellulite affects many women, fat, thin or otherwise. There's no magical cure to get rid of it for good, but there is a way to keep it from ruining your appearance.

A Massage A Day Keeps The Cellulite Away!
Cellulite is caused when the fat beneath your skin pushes against connective tissue. This is what leads to those unsightly bumps and divots. Let this anti-cellulite package be your front line of defence!
All it takes is a soothing brushing with our special cellulite brush and a thorough rolling of your buttocks and thighs with the roller. Your muscles will have never looked or felt so good.

Be sure your skin's tight when the moment is right.
Whether it's the middle of summer or you're ready to dress to impress, don't let your cellulite drag you down. Just take 10 minutes to expel that excess fluid and smash that cellulite with the New Body Essentials Cellulite Massager combo. Say goodbye to those groundless worries about how you look, and say hello to the new, sexier you!

What are you waiting for?
CLICK ADD TO CART and take your first step to becoming cellulite free today!

Product Features

??? GET RID OF THE PUFFED OUT LOOK: Diet and exercise can only do so much; let the New Body Essentials Anti Cellulite Massager Mitt do the rest with a winning combination of both a brush and roller for reducing your celulitis from every angle. ???BASK IN AIRY, BLISSFUL, POST-MASSAGE ECSTASY WITHOUT PAYING $$$ FOR A MASSAGE THERAPIST: Now you can enjoy that one-of-a-kind feeling without the hassle and expense of hiring a massage therapist or buying expensive anti cellulite products like the fascia blaster. Just brush, roll, and say aaah! ???EXPEL TOXINS AND RETURN THAT YOUTHFUL ELASTICITY TO YOUR SKIN: Our anti-cellulite remover works in several ways - not only does it reduce that bloated appearance without machines that can have you looking and feeling like you're in an nursing home for no reason, it also returns elasticity to your skin and helps your body to expel those toxins that are preventing your regular skin treatments from working their best. ???BETTER SKIN OR YOUR MONEY BACK!: We created this anti-cellulite massager to allow you to energize your appearance for a fraction of the cost of other solutions, and we fully stand behind our product. If you're not satisfied with how your skin looks after a few full sessions with this cellulite brush and roller combo, just let us know and we'll give you a full refund for up to 30 days. It's the New Body Essentials difference. Grab yours today! ???EMPLOY THE ONE-TWO PUNCH OF BRUSH AND ROLLER FOR MAXIMUM EFFECTIVENESS: Massaging brushes are great to use as a body scrubber, but in those areas that are most prone to cellulite such as the thighs and buttocks, nothing works like a roller to crush that cellulite and bring back that healthy glow that only comes from vibrant, youthful skin. Unlike other anti-cellulite products, the New Body Essentials cellulite massage mitt includes both of these vital tools for a sexier you.

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