Beat the Bumps: The Seven Brazilian Secrets to DIY Cellulite Reduction

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After reading this book, your life will never be the same! I will teach you the easy seven-step regimen to combat the appearance of cellulite bumps and lumps. The Seven Brazilian Secrets to DIY Cellulite Reduction will show you how to push, pull, pound, pinch, polish, pH-balance, and protein your bumps into submission! These six “‘P” words will make your lips pucker, but will smooth your thighs! Why spend thousands of dollars on expensive surgery or costly Endermologie® treatments when you can achieve amazing results at home using this book? I will teach you how to greatly improve the look of your thighs and buttocks by performing special do-it-yourself massage and other methods. All of the recommended treatments (except the last two) are ones you do with your hands and easy-to-find tools. The last two address your diet. You will love how easy this is to do! In Brazil, the thong bikini rules the gorgeous sands. You see women who are unashamed of their curves playing in the blue ocean waves. If you watch Brazilian women walk by, you see bodies of every size, age, and type on proud display. But in the U.S., why are so many women unhappy with their bodies? Why do they hide their shape beneath sarongs when they wish they could wear a skimpy suit? Why do some women even loathe what they see in the mirror? The answer is simple! Society has created unrealistic images of the ideal feminine shape, making women feel that their bodies are not as beautiful as they actually are. Women focus on what they see in the mirror, and agonize over imperfections. But the good news is that many of the things you see in that mirror are a result of your self-care regimen and you can change what you see! Acne, cellulite, scarring, flaky skin, wrinkles, sunspots, yellow teeth, broken nails, rough elbows, and other “flaws” women obsess over can be caused or, more importantly, CORRECTED by how we treat our bodies. The good news is that one particular problem that many women anguish over—puffy cellulite—is one that can be GREATLY and EFFECTIVELY reduced in appearance if a certain protocol is followed. This book will teach you those simple yet incredibly effective methods. So here’s a question for you: Which type of woman are you? Do you show off your gorgeous feminine side, your goddess curves, your beautiful body? Or are you one of the women who hides her curves because of cellulite or puffiness? Do you dread bathing suit season because lumps and bumps make you want to hide yourself under fabric? I know which type of woman you WANT to be! And I can help get you there. I am here to share with you The Seven Brazilian Secrets to DIY Cellulite Reduction to give you a solution and action plan to combat the appearance of cellulite and puffiness! For many women, the knowledge in this book is already known. Perhaps their mothers taught them, or they had access to professionals who helped them learn and implement these strategies. For others, this book will contain new information that is so simple to learn, yet so powerful when put into action. The key is going to be DOING the work, not just reading about it! So please be sure to put this knowledge into action and stick with it every day until you see amazing results. Then show off those thighs and spread the word so that other women can share that same feeling of pride in their bodies! I hope you find the techniques and information in this book valuable. I am sharing these secrets because I want all women to have pride in their bodies and to feel as confident as I do in my own skin. I also hope that next time I am at the beach, one of the women walking by in a string bikini with a bounce in her step is YOU, proudly wearing your body and embracing your femininity! You are perfect and beautiful! Everything about you is gorgeous, inside and out. Now let’s polish that beauty like buffing a metal sculpture with a cloth to bring out its deepest shine— let’s see your glow! Order the book and let’s start!

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